PVT L4.5

PVT L4.5

Оборудование для нанесения покрытий фирмы PVT

PVT L4.5 Vacuum Hard Coating System

The PVT L4.5 is the most advanced type of industrial large size vacuum coating system, which includes the newly developed PDA* — technology. It is specifically designed for the deposition of high performance metallurgical coatings, such as AlCrSiN, AlTiSiN, AlCrN, AlTiN, CrN, TiC,N, TiN and many others. Such coatings are evaporated by arc onto a variety of cutting tools, dies and moulds, components and consumer products for wear, erosion and corrosion protection as well as tribological purposes.

The PVT L4.5 is characterized by:
• Robust system designed for the rigorous production environment using sophisticated vacuum coating technologies.
• Rugged construction marked by an extremely advanced highly refined design.
• Extreme reliability based on intelligent straightforward design and construction.
• The broadest spectrum of coatings and coating technology available in a single system at the lowest possible cost.
• Fully automatic, computer controlled, closed loop process control providing process repeatability, reliability and a
user-friendly environment.
• The coating industry’s broadest capabilities in the smallest footprint


PDA III* – Technology
3rd generation arc evaporation technology
PDA III* “Plasma – Diffused – Arc”
for the deposition of smoother, more compact coatings

Magnetic arc confinement
Significantly improved target utilization
Drastically reduced micro-particle formation

Short process time
Increased heating capabilities
Efficient cleaning and etching cycle

Improved coating properties
Advanced interface formation
Extremely clean process environment

Improved part handling and fixturing
Safest most manoeuvrable transport carts
Easy to load and use carts with high load

Improved software design
Extreme ease of use
Highly reproducible runs
High level of flexibility for custom tailored coating solutions
Remote control and diagnostics

Improved thermal management
Improved intensive cooling
Double walled construction

Most reliable components
Brand name components
Clever integration

System Data
Size of vacuum chamber 1000 x 1000 x 1150 mm
Coating volume Ø 710×720 mm
No. and size of rotary platform 2pcs
(substrate carrier) LxWxH 820 x 820 x 1015 mm
Pumping 2 pcs double stage rotary vane pumps
1 roots pump
1 pc turbomolecular pump
Sources 4 pcs large area arc evaporators
Power supplies 4 pcs arc power supplies @ 210 A
optional: 400 A pulsed
1 pc 15 kW dc power supply
Heater 4 pcs, rated @ 12 kW each
Overall size LxWxH 3.525 x 1.390 x 2.230 mm
Power 120kW, 400V, 3ph + N, 50/60 Hz
System capacity
Plasma volume Ø 710×720 mm
Loading capacity
 End millsΦ4×50 mm 3.670pcs
 End millsΦ12x75mm 1.260pcs
 Inserts ½” x ½” x 4 mm 7.700pcs
 Hobs Ø80x80mm 196pcs
 Hobs Ø100x100mm 84pcs