Company «Produktech Engineering AG» supplies equipment and technologies “turnkey”. We also specialists in development of technical processes, which are subject to new capabilities of the equipment, alongside with selection of accessories and tools, etc.

«Produktech Engineering AG» offers CNC lathe and milling machines, three-to-five axis milling machines, milling-turning centers, full range of grinding equipment, coordinate measuring equipment, EDM machines and industrial furnaces as well as tooling for machines.

«Produktech Engineering AG» cooperates with the following companies:

  • AMP (Poland) – vacuum furnaces for heat treatment
  • Barnes (United Kingdom) – honing equipment
  • BigRep (Germany) – 3D Printers
  • Castek (Italy) – turning machines
  • Creaform/Ametek (Canada) – measuring equipment
  • CVE (United Kingdom) – electro-beam welding
  • Gleason Pfauter (Germany) – gear machining equipment
  • Lapmaster (United Kingdom) – surface and metallographic equipment
  • LGB (France) – grinding and milling machines
  • Mitaka (Japanese) – point autofocus probe surface texture measuring instrument
  • Nikken Elbo (Japan) – pressetory and tool equipment
  • Profiroll (Germany) – grinding equipment
  • Prom Engineering (Georgia) – technical counseling
  • PVT (Germany) – coating
  • Rayscan (Germany) – non-destructive testing
  • Schuler (Germany) – presses
  • Schultheiss (Germany) – heating and casting technology
  • Seiger (Germany) – turning, milling machines and face-plate lathes
  • Sepotec (Germany) – belt grinding equipment
  • Spinner (Germany) – turning and milling equipment
  • System Robot (Italy) – milling equipment
  • Transfluid (Germany) – pipe-bending equipment
  • Union Chemnitz (Germany) – horizontal boring / milling machine
  • Wenzel (Germany) – measuring equipment