Single Pass Bore Finishing Machines

Barnes MSSP-3S

Хонинговальное оборудование фирмы Barnes

The MSSP Series offers the following features:

  • Heavy-Duty, Compact Base w/one or more column assemblies arranged for single/multiple spindles
  • Ball screw tool feed system
  • Fixed, Lateral, X-Y or Rotary tables available for parts processing flexibility
  • Intuitive, menu-driven, programmable system controller, with color touch-screen HMI
  • Individual spindle motor torque measurement system available for monitoring tool performance
  • “Open” design allows for easy operator access, maintenance and automation implementation
  • Post-Process Gauging options include servo column mounted or bench mounted air gauging systems
  • Spring-Loaded Pre-Gauging System available for protection against tool-crashing
  • Equipment design compatible with a variety of tool options including sintered, electro-plated & brazed super-abrasive sleeves

The MSSP series is designed and manufactured for minimal maintenance requirements.  Its’ accessible configuration also reduces set-up and changeover time from part to part.


Bore Diameter 0.050″ — 2.00″ 1.00″ — 4.00″
Spindle Power (HP) 1-3 HP per spindle 3-5 HP per spindle
Spindle Speeds (RPM) 300 — 4,000 100 — 2,000
Spindle Drive Direct Drive or Serpentine Belt Direct Drive or Serpentine Belt
Stroke Length Up to 20″ Up to 20″
Spindle Configuration Single/Multiple Single/Multiple
Control System PLC PLC
Parts Handling Table Fixed, Lateral, Rotary, X-Y Fixed, Lateral, Rotary, X-Y
Column Configuration Single/Multiple Single/Multiple
Voltage Requirement 380 or 460V/50 — 60Hz 380 or 460V/50 — 60Hz
Stroke Control Servo-Motor & Ball-Screw Servo-Motor & Ball-Screw
Shipping Weight 3,000 lbs. (approx.) 5,500 lbs (approx.)
Approximate Length/Width 48″ x 44″ 57″ x 52″


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