Lapmaster DSG-720

Lapmaster DSG-720

Lapmaster DSG-720 — плоско-доводочное оборудование

Standard Features

  • Programmable process controller with color graphical user interface
  • Electro-mechanical top plate pressure control with precise in-process monitoring by load cell
  • In-process grinding plate flattening
  • Digital work piece thickness control system with automatic shut off
  • Three, independently controlled grinding plate and work piece carrier drives
  • Heavy-duty cast iron and fabricated steel machine base
  • Transparent safety guards with machine access from three sides
  • Corrosion-resistant wetted parts and hardware

Standard Tooling

  • Set of plate dressing stones
  • Set cast iron dressing gears
  • Starter set of five blank work piece carriers
  • Set of Allen keys
  • Operating and maintenance manual

Available Options

  • Machines to suit electrical supplies
  • Semi-automation and full automation control packages
  • Diamond or CBN fine grinding plates with 3.5mm — 6.0mm plate life
  • Dial type, precision flatness gauge
  • Closed loop coolant recirculation/filtration system complete with temperature control

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