Lapmaster LSP 6-30

Lapmaster LSP

Lapmaster LSP 6-30 — плоско-доводочное оборудование

The Lapmaster LSP line of dual face lapping machines feature 3 and 4-way, planetary models with sophisticated control systems.


These machines are capable of executing complex lapping routines while producing precise and repeatable results. These units, available with carrier diameters of 4″ up to 40″, can lap a wide range of materials to very tight specifications. Applications requiring conventional abrasive, diamond superabrasive, and fixed abrasive processes are all easily accommodated through robust construction and use of high quality machine components.

A programmable controller governs machine operation. Custom software prompts the operator for specific operating parameters and stores a number of routines for recall as needed. Through a load cell, the controller continually monitors and adjusts the top plate weight to maintain constant pressure on the parts. Automatic digital thickness control is obtained through the use of an extremely accurate, centrally-located electronic probe. Each machine is built on a heavy duty, rigid box beam frame. The top plate assembly is supported from a 2 or 4-post bridge for stability and durability. The unique combination of pneumatic controls, stiff frame design, and load control algorithms produce the most accurate and repeatable thickness results in the industry.

Custom lapping plates are available upon request, as are special electrical services. Each machine is custom designed for the specific application, and comes complete with a set of four conditioning gears, a flatness gauge, and a starter kit of consumables.

For high production applications, Lapmaster offers several options including water cooled machining plates, a pneumatically assisted ring gear mechanism for easy machine loading and unloading, and full automation packages for certain models.

Standard Features

  • Programmable process controller
  • Pneumatic top plate control
  • In-process lap plate flattening
  • Universal, peristaltic pumping system with propeller-type agitator, variable speed pump
  • Transparent safety guard with access from 2 or 3 sides
  • Retractable ring gear for easy machine loading and unloading
  • Anti-vibration mounting and leveling pads
  • Various voltages 50/60 Hz to customer specification, 3 phase electrical service
  • Durable, polyurethane-coated work table
  • Machine capacity of five carriers
  • Heavy-duty, steel box beam frame construction

Standard Tooling

  • High density, cross-hatched cast iron lap plates
  • Four high density cast iron conditioning gears
  • Flatness gauge
  • Starter kit of Lapmaster consumables
  • Operation and maintenance manual

Available Options

  • Automatic thickness control
  • Rinse at cycle end
  • Custom lapping and polishing plate materials and configurations
  • Machines to suit electrical supplies
  • Conversion kit for machine use with different sizes and number of carriers
  • Automatic machine loading and unloading (certain models)
  • Water cooled machining plates
  • Special feed systems to suit specific applications
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