Lapmaster Model 24-84


Lapmaster Model 24-84 — плоско-доводочное оборудование

Lapmaster floor standing Lapping / Polishing machines are specially designed and built to withstand extreme conditions within a production environment while requiring minimal maintenance.

These units are available with lapping / polishing platens from 24″ up to 212″ in diameter, and are configured specifically for each application. Applications requiring conventional abrasive, diamond super abrasive, and fixed abrasive processes are all easily accommodated through robust construction and use of high quality machine components.

Lapmaster floor standing lapping/ polishing machines are available in two different configurations. Each model is available in an «open-face» version. Open-face machines are typically used within a low volume production environment. These machines require hand weights to apply down pressure to the parts being lapped. Electronic variable speed drive and slow start, water cooled machining plates, and a wide variety of lapping and polishing platens are available for each open-face model.

For high production applications, Lapmaster offers floor standing models with plate sizes up to 84” in diameter in a «pneumatic lift» version. Pneumatic lift machines automatically apply the programmed down pressure to the parts being lapped. These machines help automate the lapping process with such available options as multi-step programmable plate speed, down pressure, slurry feed, and pneumatic drop table for quick machine loading and unloading.

All of Lapmaster’s floor standing lapping / polishing machines are of the «ring lapper» configuration. This configuration enables you to achieve high standard of flatness and surface finish on a continuous basis through specific positioning of the conditioning rings.

Standard Features

  • Heavy duty, tubular steel frame
  • Heavy duty, vertically adjustable work table
  • Three conditioning rings with adjustable roller bearing yoke assemblies
  • Conventional abrasive slurry distribution system
  • High torque drive unit with up to 50 hp motor and gear reducer
  • Electrical system wired for various voltages 50/60 Hz to customer specification, 3 phase
  • Operator control panel with start/stop controls
  • Multiple range, automatic cycle timer

Standard Tooling

  • High density, cast iron radially serrated lap plate
  • Three high density cast iron serrated conditioning rings
  • Three high density cast iron pressure plates
  • Hardened straight edge
  • Three PHENOLIC work holder discs
  • Lap plate lifting tool
  • Three sponge rubber pads
  • Starter sample of Lapmaster abrasive
  • Starter sample of Lapmaster vehicle
  • Operation and maintenance manual
  • Set of Allen wrenches

Available Options

  • 4 ring models
  • Electronic variable speed drive with soft start
  • Water cooled lap plates
  • Diamond slurry dispensing system
  • Polishing media dispensing system
  • Various lapping/polishing plates
  • Non-standard voltages
  • Pneumatic lift pressure plate system with radial adjustment
  • Multi-step, programmable machine control package
  • Custom machining and tooling
  • Positive-drive roller yokes with variable speed


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