Lapmaster Model 612-712

Lapmaster CMP 612

Lapmaster Model 612, 712 — плоско-доводочное оборудование

The Lapmaster line of Limited Production CMP systems offers capabilities to process wafers from 4” to 12” in diameter. One model processes 4”-8” wafers, the other model processes 8”-12” wafers. The systems are set-up with two (2) work stations which allows the simultaneous processing of multiple wafers or processing one (1) wafer with in-situ pad conditioning taking place in the 2nd station.

Технические характеристики:

  • 4” – 12” Wafer Diameter Capacity
  • Process up to two (2) wafers simultaneously or choose in-situ pad conditioning
  • Compact, space-efficient systems
  • True CMP processing without a CMP system price
  • Can be used on Semiconductor, Compound Semiconductor (hard) and MEMS/NEMS substrate materials
  • Fully programmable and independent kinematics for platen drive: Polishing head drives, polishing head pressure, polishing head oscillation & speed
  • Operator’s control touch-screen interface
  • Menu-driven operations software
  • Non-corrosive & low-expansion material construction
  • Multi-Processing: Quick-change platen & polishing heads
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