Lapmaster Model 36-48

Lapmaster Optical Pitch Polishing

Lapmaster Model 36, 48 — плоско-доводочное оборудование

The air bearing line of optical polishers, available with 36″ and 48″ diameter pitch laps, are designed so that the pitch lap and support plate ride on a very thin cushion of compressed air. These machines are driven from an electric motor via a lay shaft, and power is transferred to the lap using a multi-vee drive belt around the circumference of the support plate. This unique design virtually eliminates vibration at the polishing surface, and dramatically improves component flatness and finish results.

Технические характеристики:

  • Heavy-duty fabricated steel and cast iron machine bases
  • Rigid granite support plates with 6:1 or better aspect ratios to minimize deflection
  • Granite Conditioners
  • Positive drive workholder rings, conditioner, and pitch lap with VSD
  • Adjustable, dove-tail slide pitch trimming bars for maximum accuracy and repeatability
  • Suspended, non-contacting workholder rings

Standard Tooling

  • Three high density cast anodized aluminum workholder rings
  • Three phenolic workholder discs
  • Operating and maintenance manual

Available Options

  • Stainless steel slurry trough
  • Recirculating slurry system
  • Eccentric, oscillation of workholder rings
  • Temperature control for slurry system
  • Remote, dial-up machine fault alert system
  • Economy machine versions (contact Lapmaster Representative for details)


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